Security & Safety

From the very first management days, Global Ports Holding targeted international standards and gave a special attention to security and safety. The Global Ports Group has been maintaining standards for security at its terminals and port territories that meet or exceed those generally adopted in the industry. Global Ports Group became the first port in Turkey to comply with the International Ship and Port Facility Security ("ISPS") Code, which provides a framework for ports to evaluate risks and Ege Ports – The Port of Kusadasi became the first port in Turkey to acquire the ISPS certificate accordingly.

The Global Ports Group’s management benefits from state-of-the-art facilities, highly trained employees (who benefit from its in-house training programme) and tight security levels that support its efficient, high-quality operations which are compliant with both globally accepted industry standards and the Group's own rigorous internal guidelines. In particular, in order to meet the demands of shipping and cruise clients, the Global Ports Group has established security as a core area of operational excellence and all of the Global Ports Group's security personnel, including outside security personnel, are supervised by the Global Ports Group's own security managers to ensure compliance with its internal standards.